Digital presentation media

Motion Graphic Video

Our most popular multimedia presentation product is full-featured motion graphic animation videos, which can be created for all types of presentation scenarios..

These well-scripted, artfully designed and animated visual presentations are created to exact aesthetic specifications to ensure a balance of message and visual support. Videos are available in lengths of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds or 2 minutes to ensure optimal compatibility with various online digital marketing and social media strategies, as well as direct playback for convention or tradeshow presentations.   

We provide full production of video content, including scripting, voice talent and visual animations using fresh, modern styling and a proven-successful approach that ensures that your viewers are able to instantly receive and understand your message.

Responsive Websites

Our web design services revolve around modern, responsive, retina-ready and feature-rich websites. We currently focus on building theme-based websites using the globally popular WordPress Platform. The advantages include direct user-access for easy content management, photo and video galleries, and full blog support.

Additionally, WordPress themes can be updated relatively easily, and with the continuous updates and user support community surrounding WordPress, your website is easy to keep up with the ever changing canvas of design features along with necessary security and technology advancements.

In addition to WordPress based websites, we also provide custom built sites to your specification, including full ecommerce support and custom dynamic platform development.

Videography Services

A well-produced live video interview or showcase or trailer is worth its weight in gold as a promotional asset.

Our video services include video editing of existing footage, custom titling, animated motion graphics, location shoots for video interviews, and custom projects up to and including full production commercial shoots. For certain businesses where a personal address to prospective customers, patients or clients is needed, the power of a well-produced on location interview with a business owner or representative cannot be over stated.

We make sure your video is captured in full HD suitable for major video and social media deployment such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. The captured footage is properly edited to a professional standard and post production provides any needed special effects, motion graphics and titling along with color grading and finishing work to provide a polish to your finished video asset.

Our Service MOdel

We work with our clients by moving through a precise series of steps that help to establish the best type of multimedia asset would best suit the goals and budget. Unlike most media creative professionals, we also have extensive background in marketing, public relations (PR) and promotion, which we use to help work out both the message and how to best style the video or website to connect well with the exact demographic you wish to target. 

While no one can guarantee an exact level of response from any promotion due the various factors in play, we can help to ensure that the maximum potential for your asset to obtain genuine reach from your prospective audience is achieved.  We’ve been at this a long time and we continue to get referrals and repeat requests from clients because of the professional quality of what we produce and because of our mastery of the “magic” factor that makes all promotion work: REAL and genuine communication that connects with the target market.

We Are In Your Court

We operate as a boutique agency, meaning that we specialize in specific skill sets that are normally part of a larger company or organization, such as a marketing department or PR department.

When we agree to work with a client, our philosophy of operation is that we have become part of our client’s company.  We do sufficient study of your business type, technology and demographic so that we are competent to represent what you are about to your target market. This is how we differ from a great many vendors or agencies who produce video or web assets.  You are paying us to represent you accurately and with the exact orientation you want to convey, and we take that aspect of our operations very seriously.

We enjoy delivering a video product or website that we know with confidence is going to deliver an accurate and very well-crafted representation of your message.  That’s our promise to you.

We are ready to discuss your project and assist you to obtain high-quality website or video presentation assets!