About Us

About Perry Multimedia Inc

Perry Multimedia provides professional motion graphic animated video presentations, beautiful  mobile-ready, responsive and fast loading web sites, videography, video editing and post production services, as well as custom projects. All the websites we build are SEO friendly. We service all types of clients from small to major businesses, arts & entertainment professionals, sports personalities and projects focusing on personal PR presentations.

The web is always changing. New technologies are always emerging and the best solutions evolve all the time - we keep up with these changes and always provide top quality web and multimedia presentation materials for our clients.


Our edge is competence, artistic vision, skill and a high level of knowledge in technology. We are also backed by over 15 years of hard experience in sales, marketing and PR, making it very easy to help our clients to attain real impact using aesthetics in the context of high-tech multimedia presentations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world-class digital presentation media assets that will help our clients to create an effective and compelling connection to their target demographic, resulting in a qualified reach for their products/services.

Why Choose Us

A message from Rex Perry, Founder and CEO:

Probably the biggest reason I would put forward as to why clients choose Perry Multimedia and are happy with that choice is that we are doing what we love and are competent.

Since the age of 14, I've been passionate about music, graphic design and technology. Now, with a combined total of over 25 years of experience in these areas plus 15 years of sales, marketing and Public Relations, I'm able to create aesthetic, professional and effective multimedia products that have real impact and get great response for clients.

For Perry Multimedia, the key values we follow are attention to detail, real creativity & artistry, high impact use of message and effective use of marketing and PR knowledge to guide what we create. The end result is a high quality, satisfying and effective presentation, whether it be a web site, audio production, video, or other digital art media product.

When you contact Perry Multimedia, you have access to me personally whenever you need a question answered or to address any aspect of the delivery of your services. This is not a "faceless company" with low-scale employees answering the phone lines who can't understand what you need or want easily. You are dealing with the artists directly. This means that you are not only getting a high quality production for your money, but it also means you won't have costly headaches getting what you want done.

Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss your project and answer any questions you have. You'll be happy you did!

Rex Perry
Multimedia Artist/Producer
Founder and CEO, Perry Multimedia Inc